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The License Plate Frame Mall is a very trusted and dedicated company that aims to provide best quality products and services to all valuable customers. We believe that through constant communication, innovation and excellent customer service we can meet and satisfy the needs of our clientele.

The customization of license plate frames allows the buyer to obtain the design and style that they ever wanted for their car’s license plate frames. The company is in the business for almost more than a decade, and that is why the License Plate Frame Mall is considered as the biggest and most trusted company that offer license plate frames.

What the License Plate Frame Mall offers to You?

The company aims to provide excellent services and high quality license plate frames for all the people who want to obtain stylish license plate frames without compromising the legal function of the license plate frames. The customization license plate frames help many people to put and add personal touch to the design and style of their license plate frames.

The company offers a large selection of stylish, cool and high quality custom license frames that can surely meet the desire and needs of all the customers. The company also delivers your ordered license plate frames within 2 to 3 days depending on the place of the customer. After receiving the product then you can now install the customized license plate frame. Here are the procedures on how you can install the license plate frame that you ordered from us:

The Installation of the License Plate Frame

The customized license plate frames can be installed easily and quickly by the customer. However, please consider the following suggestions to avoid any possible problems related to the installment. You must not drill the front bumper to install the license plate frame because you can destroy the air bags that might be located in the front part of your car. If you think that you might experience issues in the installation process, we highly recommend you to contact the authorized dealer of the brand of your vehicle. Here are the instructions of installing the customized license plate frame:

  • Remove the license plate and place it in the frame. You must now unscrew the mounting bolts that hold the tag to the bumper. There are some frames that contain tabs along the bottom border that holds the plate with the two screw holes located at the top. There are some frames that use four screw holes. You need to secure the tag with the frame around the license plate then place mounting bolts to all the available screw holes of the frame. The holes need to be aligned with holes in the license plate frame. You need to screw the bolts in the threaded fittings on the bumper of the vehicle.